About the Author

Hi there! I’m a husband, father to 3 amazing boys and an Electrical Engineer by day, aspiring inventor and tinkerer by night. This is my website, thanks for stopping by!

As an Engineer, my mind seems to be constantly churning with ideas on how to improve this or that and also how to build or make new things to improve the life of myself and others. Normally, this is a great character trait to have since I’m also always trying to improve myself but my wife seems to be annoyed by the fact that I’m finding more and more “projects.” It seems that a few years ago, I started researching ways to build a house so that it uses less utilities. It wasn’t about going off-grid, but was about finding a way to save more of my hard earned money.

I started this site in hopes to inspire others into gaining independence from the slavery of their monthly utilities. Most of the things that are posted here are proven methods (some are merely experimental and untested just to inspire thought) from many others who have built their own autonomous houses or earthships. As we all are expected to be good stewards of the planet, this site is a way to help each other “Go Green” or “Cut Down on Carbon Emissions” while in reality, simply trying to save a dollar here or there.

Be sure to browse around and check out all the different subjects. There are sure to be something that will catch your eye and spark your imagination. I’m always open to new ideas and topics. If you don’t see a topic or new method that could work, send me a message and I’ll be sure to try and add it in the following posts!